"Humanitarian Ambassador" Program
Pricing to be a "Humanitarian Ambassador," AVAILABLE NOW. One-time $297 (optional).
Pricing for the "Office Fortune" subscription WHEN LAUNCHED. $10 per month (optional).
What is a Humanitarian Ambassador™? Humanitarian Ambassadors™ represent The Humanitarian Project.™ This project is dedicated to helping people throughout the World get FREE access to tools and revenues so they can achieve their goals. Rather than feeding them a fish, we're giving them the tools to fish. To start, this is achieved through our FREE affiliate program that at some point, can generate significant revenues at NO cost or consideration to anyone who uses that program.
What Are The Humanitarian Ambassador™ Funds Used For? Funds are used to help finance The Humanitarian Project.™ Giving people these tools and resources is great but we still have overhead expenses to cover. If it's possible, we ask that you become an Ambassador, not only to help the cause but at the same time, help yourself. You can help your own Projects (see below), by inviting other people and organizations to become a Humanitarian Ambassador™ themselves.
For a Limited Time ... For a limited time, sign-up as an Ambassador and you'll also receive the following benefits below ...
Get The First-Movers Advantage.
Get Positioned Before The Masses.
Advance Knowledge on Services Before The Masses. 
Get 500 "Reward Points" Worth $1 Each.
Earn Income Creating Other Ambassadors (see below).
Once We Launch The $10 Per-Month Subscription Program, All Ambassadors You Personally Signed up, Will Follow You Into The Subscription Program.
How to Make Payment
How it Works. Once you pay $297 to the person or organization that invited you, you'll be pre-registered as an Ambassador. Then, your inviter will forward to "Office Fortune" $97 to fully register YOU as an Ambassador.
What Happens Next. You can start to promote and invite other Ambassadors instantly. You'll simply take people to www.OfficeFortune.com (just like you were taken too). If they're interested in becoming an Ambassador, they will make the $297 payment DIRECTLY to you so you're paid in real-time. Then you'll forward the $97 to "Office Fortune" and so on. You make $200 per sale.
How You Get Paid. When you contact people, be sure to include how they pay you DIRECTLY. We set it up this way so you can get paid in realtime and NOT have to wait for commissions. You can choose how you want to get paid. Example: Paypal or any other method of payment. You can give people payment options if you want.
Once You've Collected Your $297, forward $97 to our "Office Fortune" PayPal email: crowd@thunderaccess.com. Be sure to include your customer's name, email and phone so they can be fully registered.
Need to Contact Us? Call 408-222-6472 and we'll get back to you ASAP!
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